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The discontinuities between bodily experience, the rhetoric of self-empowerment, and institutional notions of visibility drive the urgency behind the examinations in GREATER GRAVE. Fractured language emerges from confrontations with intergenerational pain, ethnicity, queerness, disassociation, and unbelonging. GREATER GRAVE's poetic account of a queer (non)corporeality questions the coded, expected narrative of linear, expansive “growth”—keeping in mind Anna Tsing’s writing on Life in Capitalist Ruins: “The story of decline offers no leftovers, no excess, nothing that escapes progress."


This chapbook is experimental in exactly all the right ways, showcasing a playful mastering of structure while also using language to explore themes of identity, living in a body, sexual violence, and ownership. Can we own our bodies, and our selves? Who owns us? For anyone who has experience trauma and PTSD, or struggles with mental illness, reclaiming the self is both a recognizable task, but a process that becomes its own trauma; this is a must-read for everyone who understands this process too well.

—Joanna C. Valente

Jacq Greyja deftly unravels and retangles language, bringing to question [the] ability to make sense of the material world. These poems stretch towards the impossibility of describing the ineffable, remembering the forgotten, and understanding the unfathomable with an effortlessness that is awe-inspiring. As someone who often struggles to reconcile the horror and beauty of embodiment, I felt so heard and seen as I absorbed this work—'i cannot know what i am,' Greyja writes, but after reading this collection it is clear to me that they are, at the very least, a literary talent worth paying attention to.

—Joshua Jennifer Espinoza

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